General District History

  1. This footage was shot by Mr. Powers using his home movie camera at Powers Elementary School in 1961.
    Powers Elementary School: 1961
  2. This collection was recorded by Mr. Fred Powers and digitized by Ms. Judy Alexander. This two hour compilation was narrated by his daughter, Mrs. Mary Powers-Miller in 2016. This is a real treat. Enjoy!
    Mr. Powers: Home Movie Collection: 30s-50s
  3. Faculty Holiday Greetings: 1996
  4. Produced by Ben Zahorec
    Steele News Live: Central School Feature
  5. 1992
    A Day in the Life of the Amherst Schools
  6. Powers Elementary School: 40th Anniversary
  7. Produced by Ben Zahorec
    Steele News Live: Miss Marion L. Steele Feature
  8. Thanks to Alex Kernell & Steele News Live for this awesome feature!
    Steele News Live: AEVSD History Project
  9. First Person POV Footage of the first 'bites' out of Harris School
    Harris Elementary Demolition
  10. A fun trailer for the upcoming Powers Elementary School
    Powers Elementary School - The Next Generation